Mimi School

"Keep Honour Bright - Kia Manawanui, Kia Manawa Piharau"

Learning and teaching where the country, coast and classroom meet.

Mimi School is a rural school situated six kilometres north of Urenui, and thirty eight kilometres north of New Plymouth. The school is in close proximity to the sea on the breathtaking North Taranaki coast. Mimi School has three classrooms catering for the learning and social needs of students from year one to year six. It is a place of warmth, of building positive relationships and working together. It is where individuals are encouraged and supported to go outside their comfort zone socially, physically and mentally. A ‘give it a go’ attitude is promoted throughout the school. At Mimi School we work closely with other schools in the area to provide the students with a wide range of learning opportunities. Please read more about us and if you have the opportunity feel free to come and visit.

Jared Holden Principal