Board of Trustees

Meet the Board of Trustees

Donna Ellis – Chairperson

I am a mother of two children, Zsalea who is in Year 4 at Mimi, and Amaya who has just turned four. My husband, Richard, and I live on 20 acres on Pukearuhe Road and enjoy giving back to this wonderful community of which the school is the heart of.  I am a founder of Mimi’s Minis Playgroup, and am also on the Waitoitoi Hall Committee.

I currently work part time as a Business Analyst where my passion is improving business processes to help people in their jobs – with an aim to do it once and do it right.   I also have extensive experience in Accounting, Auditing Practices, IT and Project Management.

I have enjoyed the past three years on the BoT and have embraced the training available to the BoT members, including the NZ School Trustee Association Conference held in Auckland last year. I feel I am very well prepared to continue the challenge of getting things done and immerse myself in this important governance role.  As a parent representative I will strive to ensure Mimi School is focusing on student achievement and ensuring we are operating at our full potential.


Sarah Blyde – Finance

Hello Mimi School Community

I have held the position on the board for the last 3 1/2 years. It has taken some time to understand and be familiar with the education process. I work alongside the other members to keep Mimi School delivering a high standard of education preparing them for their future learning environment.

I have four children. Louise is currently in Year 5 and last to attend Mimi school.  My husband Murray and I have a Dairy Farm on Pukearuhe Road. I am a Registered nurse. I enjoy sport and the outdoors. I have been coaching netball for several years and it is always inspiring and enjoyable seeing the kids develop some new skills.

My interest in becoming a member of the school board stems from an involvement in the education system through Playcentre. I am familiar with the education system; educational needs for early childhood by roles managing property and equipment, policy and procedures, centre relicensing and ERO assessments. Later I was part of the management team for the Association. Equipment and Playground Safety was an area I had responsibilities for.

To be on the Mimi School Board is a privilege. I see my role on the board to govern, support the staff at the school and the education processes already in place to keep Mimi School an excellent place to educate our children.


Davis McClutchie Jnr – Property/Health & Safety

Kia Ora

My name is Davis McClutchie, I’m married to Melinda, and we have two children, Jack yr8 who attended Mimi and Queenie yr4 at Mimi School. We live on our small 10 acre property just outside Urenui. I was born and bred at my parents, Davis and Shirley’s, property down Pukearuhe Road where they still reside today. I come from a long line of family members who attended Mimi School, with my father and his father before that having all attended Mimi.

Some of my personal interests, to name a few are; fishing, white baiting, diving, tennis and just spending time with family and friends. I am a registered Electrical Inspector, and started my apprenticeship 20 years ago, with a two-year break to tackle dairy farming and working for Livestock Improvement, I eventually returned to working as a drilling rig electrician, and I am currently working for Parker Drilling in Sakhalin – Russia on rotation.

Looking after the environment is something I enjoy, which currently sees me as the Chairperson for the Tiaki Te Mauri o Parininihi Trust in which Mimi School has been involved with checking trap lines and participating in the release of Kiwi. Later this year (subject to final approvals) it is anticipated that the school will participate in the release of the first Kokako back into Taranaki.

Mimi has recently being through principal change, which made for an excitingly challenging time for us all on the current  Board of Trustees (BOT). Now that the school has started an exciting direction, I believe I still have plenty to offer Mimi School.

After been on the BOT for the last three years, I have become a passionate member of the Mimi BOT and I will continue to build my knowledge of becoming a fair and energetic parent representative for you all on the Mimi BOT.

Nga Mihi



Andrew Brendon – Parent Representative

My name is Andrew Brendon.

My background is I have been a general manager of a compressed air based mechanical engineering company in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato for the past 16 years before moving down to Nopera Road 16 months ago, as of June 2016 I will be working locally in the community and will be able to focus my efforts on our school when needed.

I have four children with one currently going to Mimi School and 2 more to come through the school over the next five years.

I feel with my background in business and also my children coming to the school I have an invested interest in trying to help the school provide the best possible schooling for our community’s children.


vacant – Staff Representative


Jared Holden – Principal