Our Vision



Our vision for our young people has been developed over time with input from our learning community.

We aim for our young people to be creative, discerning thinkers who ask questions of themselves and others. They make plans and set goals to get stuck in with a ‘can do’ attitude that sees them make discoveries about themselves and their learning.

In a nutshell, we aim to develop ‘whole children’.

We help children to reach this vision over their six primary years by maintaining:

  • emphasis on core areas of foundation skills. Competent and creative users of language, symbols and texts.
  • an understanding that we are dealing with ‘whole people’ not solely readers, writers, or mathematicians, but individual people with their own wealth of life experiences and talents on which to build the foundation skills.
  • quality relationships between student and teacher, student and student, teacher and teacher, school and home are keys to successful learning.
  • A focus on success where success is found and celebrated wherever it is evident. Success breeds success and should be shared within the context of the classroom and school group, the family, and the wider learning community.
  • Exploration and responsible risk taking is to be encouraged and valued in all areas of school life.