National Administration Guidelines

Below are our current policies that give legs to the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) and guide learning and teaching at Mimi School.

NAG 1 Policy
NAG 1 Procedures

NAG 2 Policy
NAG 2 Procedures

NAG 3 Policy
NAG 3 Procedures

NAG 4 Policy
NAG 4 Procedures

Health and Safety
Nag 5 Policy
Nag 5 Procedures

NAG 6 Policy
NAG 6 Procedures

Treaty of Waitangi
Treaty Waitangi Policy

Complaints Guidelines 2018

Mimi School Complaints – Guidelines

Child Protection Policy 

Mimi School Child Protection Policy

Managing Challenging Behaviour and Physical Restraint Policy

Mimi School Managing Challenging Behaviour & Physical Restraint Policy

Mimi School Behaviour Plan 2018

Mimi School Behaviour Plan 2018

Supporters and Sponsors

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